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Live Workshop on Research and Paper writing by Dr. Hassaan Tohid

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What People Say


Dr. Chavi Tejpal

“I am very grateful to Dr. Hassaan and Dr. Nusrat for an incredible course on learning how to publish an article from scratch. I had zero experience going in and was eager to learn. The weekly online lectures were clear and concise. We had access to the recording after as well. Dr. Nusrat and Dr. Hassaan were there to address any concerns or questions. They thoroughly revised the content and gave extensive feedback. I successfully published an article through this including the help of one of my group members.”


Dr. Shojanny Salazar

“Since I arrived in the United States, I have always wanted to learn the basics of research but I haven’t had the guidance to do it. My goal was to be involved in research projects. Luckily, this year I had the pleasure to join to Dr. Hassan’s courses; 2 of them wonderful as it was SPSS software and Statistical Data Analysis training course and the Publishing a research course. I’m am very happy I took that decision. Nowadays, I’m able to write my own papers and read data. I highly recommend joining Dr. Hassan’s courses. He has been an excellent mentor and guide me in every step of the way. I don’t have words to say: Thank you so much ( muchas gracias).”


Dr. Tehrima Rai


“I found Cibnp as one of the eminent institutes which offer hands-on research writing training. I am very appreciative to have a part of this program as I am now a published author. Dr. Hassaan Tohid, who has been my mentor throughout this training, and dr Ian Rutkofsky, who supervised my work step by step, made it easy for me to submit my first Review article. It was their spectacular guidance and support that has made this difficult work possible for a student like me who had no research background and was a beginner in research writing. I am privileged to recommend the online research training program to undergraduates and postgraduates who want to be a published author.”


Dr. Ntema Willie Chakane

“I am delighted to share little about my experience and wonders while being a student “CiBNP being a published author programme”. The programme accurately meets students’ needs in preparing them to be efficient and well recognized scientific researchers. The course is eazy to take, I took it right from my home country Lesotho, southern region of Africa. The complex paper writting skills were simplified, I was equipped with valuable skills of completing a research paper within a short time period, I feel so honoured to have been founded on research basics by CiBNP and therefore already consider my self to be amongst the best of scientific researchers and authors in the future of my career, all bcz of CiBNP and Dr Hassaan Tohid being our best Instructor and Mentor. I strongly suggest the programme to my fellow and everyone who wants to grow better in their career.”


Abba M. Abdullahi


“Right from my earliest years at medical college, one of my best goal in life is to be a researcher. I have looked for multiple avenues towards my goal but to no avail until I came across CiBNP. Within few weeks of the training I was able to a write a full scientific paper. The training is well designed and professionally delivered. The tutors have very well demonstrated their academic professionalism and skills, very friendly and always there to help. Thank you Drs Tohid and Nusrat for your mentoship. I will forever remained grateful.”


Dr. Bilal Zafar


“From the very first year of medicine, it was my dream to know the basics of research. But unfortunately, there was no one for me to guide and help me in this. Then I joined Dr. Hassan’s research courses (both one-day research training and be a published author course) and today I can proudly say that I am very much able to write my own research paper. I recommend everyone to join Dr. Hassan’s programs as he not only educates you but also literally pushes you to do more better in your life. For me, honestly, he is a mentor and my role model. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR FOR EVERYTHING!”


Manish KC


“I would like to thank CIBNP for providing me an opportunity to explore in field of research. CIBNP is very good platform for those who want to pursue their dream in field of research. Dr. Tohid is very energetic, inspiring and helpful mentor and is ready to help you in your every steps of research writing. I highly recommend CIBNP to all those people who want to become successful in future in fields of research. I am personally very thankful to the entire team. The help which I got while research paper writing has changed my life and I feel much happy for that and the credit goes to Dr. Tohid and his entire team.”

Manish KC also says,

“Thank you very much Dr. Tohid. I received my documents just now. I am blessed to receive a beautiful and strong Letter of recommendation. This will certainly change my career in fields of research. I highly appreciate your help and will never be able to pay for your help. Have a good time. Thank you once again.”


Dr. Ishan Poudel


“Everyone works hard with dedication when it comes to research and publishing, but only few succeed in getting their paper published. The sole reason remains efficiency of work not just working hard for it. I am glad I came in contact with Dr. Hassaan, Dr. Nusrat and their team for this efficiency.
They did not just teach the process but they put on a hands-on effort. They let me do everything form topic search to publishing by myself, but were always there for help every time (I must say every hour of day). This experience not only got my paper published but also taught me to tackle all the problems encountered during data collection to publishing all by myself.
I really appreciate their help and really recommend the hands-on training with Dr. Hassaan to anyone who wishes learn about research paper writing.”


Dr. Sangeeta B. Singh

Dean Academics Head, Deptt of Biochemistry SHKM GMC

“This online 2 months course on Research Writing and Publishing at CIBNP has been truely an invaluable learning experience. The course is well structured and efficiently delivered to impart the skill to write scientific papers in medicine. This course facilitated the challenging and rewarding task to write and publish scientific manuscript. I wish all the best to the team in their future endeavours.”


Bilal Ahmad

“Cibnp is one of the prestigious institute’s which offer undergraduate research training programs. I am very grateful to have a part of this program. Dr. Hassaan Tohid who has been my mentor throughout this training, and under his supervision I published my first Review article, and I become a published author. It was his splendid guidance, support and valuable inputs that has made this difficult work done. I am extremely grateful and thankful to him. I would recommend the undergraduates and postgraduates to be a part of this Programme and be a published author.”


Harpreet Kaur (PhD student)

“I am thankful to Dr Hassaan and team for organising the online course on research paper writing. I am glad that i was part of it and get an opportunity to learn new concepts to write research paper. The time management and course covered was very well planned and useful. I was able to finish my research paper in two months by following the instructions given by Dr Hassaan.”

Dr Somia Sarwar

Dr Somia Sarwar

“I am proud that I was a student at California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology (CiBNP) because this institute helped us to learn a lot and start from scratch. I will always remember my mentor with respect for making each lesson an interesting session and helping and solving each and every query. I am endlessly grateful for your constant support and encouragement. Keep guiding us in future as well. Hats off.”


Dr. Hilda Wong

“One of the most important factors that will make you more competitive for residency is research publication. I’m very thankful for dr Tohid’s research course. His lectures are phenomenal and he provide us with full guidance and step by step instructions on how to write the paper and publish it. Because of him, I was able to publish my paper in pub med affiliated journals and channels.”


Dr. Suyeewin Thiha

“First of all, thank you so much for giving me opportunities to publish the paper. I didn’t have any research experience before and without CIBNP , i would have never understood how the writing and publishing works.

As an upcoming residency candidate, research experiences are really important to us and this two month program is extremely helpful to me.

I now understand how the research paper works, how the writing is done and how the publishing process is going under different journals.

Thank you so much for everything and mentoring along the journey.

With Respect.”


Mohammed Khalid Abdulaziz Abbas

“Thank you Dr. Tohid. Now the plan is to publish it in Cureus InshAllah, through the Cibnp channel. Regarding the training, it was much better than what I expected. I have learned many new things, and the practical work helps cementing whatever I have learned. I love your personality, full of passion and drive to make your students feel positive. You have always made us feel that the task is not difficult, it just needs consistency and patience. I also enjoyed learning from Dr. Bilal, very nice personality and he was very helpful throughout the course. I was aware with what the random people were saying in the facebook groups, criticising the course, however I believed it was worth trying, and that no one should judge something without trying it. I am very happy that I did that and proud to be one of many many students you had and will continue to have inshAllah.”

Hala Zraik

Hala Zraik

“Thank you Dr. Hassaan Tohid and the CiBNP team to teach me how to write my first paper and share the ethical and professional points in research writing. Before the course “be a published author program” I could not imagine myself writing an academic language, what I used to ask myself was “really can I ?!”

But after the course it was another story. I learned how the research question makes a difference and the reviews build hard stones for a strong paper, and how all parts of the paper serve the question. Again thank you Dr. Hassaan. I am proud to be one of your students.”


Epenge Djonga Emmanuel

“What I like about this training is how simple, easy the medical research concepts are taught,
It helped me a lot on how to think and organize my research.”


Ian H. Rutkofsky


“I could not thank Dr Hassaan enough for teaching me the fundamentals of basic research. I believe research publications are essential to being successful in the US residency Match and I encourage anyone who is planning to apply to residency or build a career in research to enroll in this course. Good luck!”


Dr.Tarig Abdalla

Staff Physician, International Medical Center –Mayo Clinic Care Network

“In my quest for knowledge and development of new skills I struggled to learn about research writing , then I was fortunate to join Dr.Hassan’s class on research writing .I was not only able to learn theory about researches but also application of writing research articles on step by step manner.

Dr.Hassan is very supportive and experienced teacher if I’ll have another chance to attend his classes I will definitely do that and I will advice my friends to join also.”


Dr. Ibrar Anjum


“I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about a wide range of cutting-edge research at California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology. I worked on diverse projects, learned new techniques and met people who helped me later on my projects.

They invest a lot of effort in developing you as a researcher, and they try to help you with your career.”


Annapurna Kuppa

“I have had a wonderful opportunity to learn various aspects of scientific research writing under Dr. Tohid’s mentorship. He is a great adviser who is coherent in his thoughts and methodological in his teaching style.

I most definitely believe that this program helps me in attaining my future goals.”


Shikha Darnal

“I heard about CINBP from a colleague of mine and all good things she mentioned about the institute held true. Being a Graduate of an International Medical School, a strong background in Research wasn’t one of my strong fortes. However,  Dr. Tohid’s passion and commitment to training us, budding researchers was both inspiring and infectious.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Tohid and his team for making me explore my powers and explore new possibilities in my medical journey again.”


Dr. Ibad Ghori


“The CiBNP online research training was one of the best things happened to me – in my career. Not only did I learn to write research papers but I also published my research paper as the first author in such a short span of time. I also earned the Letter of Recommendation and the certificate of completion by CiBNP.

I recommend anyone looking to get residency slot in the US, Canada,UK or Australia to join the online research training at CiBNP and be a published author.”


Noor us Saba

“I’ve had a great experience of learning research from Dr Hassaan, which was once a completely impossible thing for me. I have never had a more effective and amazing teacher who through his great attention to subtle details turned a good education into fantastic one. Writing a review article seems to be easy now because of his endless efforts in explaining us each and every detail about the topic. He mentored us on long term basis even after the program has run its course and is still in contact with us inquiring about our paper’s progress.

Sir, through your guidance I became more focused and learned to utilize my thoughts and ideas.

Thank you so much for valuable advice and guidance throughout my research course.
Yours Truly”


Dr. Bisma Arbab

“Excellent program for stay at home img moms who need to squeeze sometime out of their daily routines to polish their residency application.

Apart from the opportunity to write and publish papers the added perks of enrolling with California Institute of behavior neuroscience and psychology research program are developing effective online research navigation skills in and making friends from various countries thus expanding your network.”



“Writing a research paper is one of the hardest thing to do and if done correctly can immensely elevate one’s carrier. Dr. Hassaan Tohid delivered exceptional quality, brilliantly structured lectures with a flexible schedule and core material being extremely elaborate and easy to understand. There was step wise step guidance provided and doubts were addressed immediately.

It was a wonderful experience and the I would recommend this program to anybody aspiring to write a high quality research thesis.”


Syeda Shehrbano Jafri

“I would like to convey my thanks to CIBNP who introduced me to the scientific world. Research paper writing was a nightmare for me but my instructor guided me how to write and submit research paper in easy way.

Now I can proudly say that I can write research paper without any hesitation. Dr. Hassaan Tohid is a great mentor. His teaching skills are excellent. I learned alot from his online interactive research classes. I will highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to contribute in research world.”


Dr. Touba Naim


“We are extremely glad that we took this decision of signing up for the IMG research paper writing and publishing course with the California institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology LLC. Dr. Hassaan Tohid has been an excellent mentor who guided us from scratch i.e. beginning from the very idea of a good research paper to explaining each and every little component of research vividly.

The interactive online classes assisted us to comprehend the details clearly, owing to the fact that we could ask questions at that time, immediately got answered by Dr. Tohid, and learnt from each other’s queries. Moreover, the written version of all the classes was very helpful in instilling those fundamental steps in our minds.

We highly recommend the students and graduates to avail this wonderful opportunity of learning from this platform, and then becoming capable to write research papers which are great to be published. It definitely would be of immense help in our career. Best of luck to everyone.”


Javeria Wasif

“One of the many aspects of a complete and effective residency application is publications and, being an IMG, it was a drawback for me not to have a single one under my belt. Joining the research course offered by California Institute of behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology has been the best decision of my life. After completion of the course, not only I was able to know each and every step of writing a research paper, but also I was able to complete the paper with me being its corresponding author.

Dr. Hassaan Tohid was always there for guidance throughout the course and also through the whole process of selecting the journal and every step till the publication. I will advise everyone who wants to publish good quality papers to take advantage of this course and eventually be able to head in the direction of writing papers on their own.”


Anser Saeed Khan


“I always wanted to contribute to the scientific world through writing. The research paper writing course that i took at CiBNP made this possible. I successfully completed this course last month and it has laid my foundations in research paper writing. Not only did I author four research papers during this course but I also learnt how to select a science journal and submit an article for publication.

I specially loved the fact that I was not unnecessarily spoonfed the whole process of writing. I was given a free hand to choose a topic of my interest and develop it from the scratch. I feel this is very important because it has developed confidence in me to pursue more writings independently in the future. This, I believe, should be the ultimate goal of any good course, that is, to help in the growth of their students towards independence.

My mentor Dr.Hassaan Tohid has vast experience in research publications and paper writing.I cannot thank him enough for this unique experience. One of the best things about him that I liked during this course was his ‘availibility’. He was just a text away to advise,suggest, correct and collaborate idea with his students. It was because of him that this paper writing course became an enjoyable and unique learning experience for me.
I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn and grow as a scientific writer.”



“I would like to convey my regards and thanks to California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences & Psychology LLC (Neuro-Cal) for making me able to understand the basics and deep roots of scientific research. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hassaan Tohid and his practical training imparted throughout the course, I was being introduced to a new academic world. “Write to serve, Write for reader” was the most inspired message and simpler explanation to complex terms made this training course highly appreciable in my career.”


Anan Bseiso

“I would like to thank California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology LLC (Neuro-Cal) for the research writing course. Finally, I was able to write and submit research papers to the scientific world.

Dr. Hassaan Tohid was a great mentor, I couldn’t thank him enough, he did a nice job in teaching me the basics of scientific writing, he made everything simple from the first to the very last step. He guided me from the beginning until I finished my paper.

I encourage everyone to take this adventure, I think research publications are very important when applying for jobs in the future.”


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