Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing Course

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Features of the Course:

  • Recorded Video Course with a lifelong access to the video lectures.
  • Lectures on all aspects of curriculum vitae (CV) writing
  • Certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the course

 What will you learn?

One of the greatest challenges and a commonly asked question by the new graduates or even the old graduates looking for jobs is “How to write my CV?

In this uniquely recorded course, the instructor Neuroscientist and Trainer Dr. Hassaan Tohid teaches you curriculum vitae (CV) writing.

In this course you will learn:

  • What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?
  • Difference between a CV and Resume’
  • Structure of Your CV
  • How begin writing your CV?
  • How to structure the CV?
  • The mandatory parts of a CV
  • The optional parts of a CV
  • Other parts of your CV
  • What to include and what not to include in your CV?
  • The presentation of your CV
  • How to make your CV unique and strong
  • Regarding mentioning your education
  • Regarding the work experience
  • Mistakes to avoid while writing your CV

For Whom is this training?

This unique training has been designed for everyone who is interested in writing or learning to write a CV.

This training will help the students write and design their own CV for job applications, academic admissions application, or the ERAS residency application.

If you are a beginner then you will definitely benefit from this training. But if you are already having an idea about the CV writing and design and want to hone your skills, then this training is the best tool.

This training is specifically designed for the International Medical Graduates and Medical Doctor applying for the US residency who are busy completing the ERAS application

This training can also be helpful for the following candidates

  • Candidates applying for any job that requires detailed CV submission but don’t know how to write one
  • Professional with Little experience in writing
  • Professional with Good experience in writing
  • Professional with Excellent writing skills but want to learn more to grow more
  • Medical Student applying for medical schools
  • University student of any domain who is applying for jobs
  • Engineering students and graduates applying for jobs in any part of the world
  • Candidates applying for the job as an Assistant Professor at a university
  • Candidates applying for the job as an Associate Professor at a university
  • Candidates applying for the job as a Full Professor at a university
  • Candidates applying for the Research jobs
  • Candidates applying for any job in any field.

Minimum Requirement:

The minimum requirement for this course is the English listening ability to understand the lecture and High-Speed internet connection.


  • Almost all job employers want and expects you to write and submit a CV with your job application; whether it is a clinical residency job or it is professorship or a job as a scientist. This unique short course will enable you to learn to write your CV in a short span of time. This training will help you regardless of the experience and background.
  • After this training the students will learn the skill and ability to write and design their CV regardless of their profession
  • This training will provide the students with the knowledge and understanding of all the aspects of a CV writing.
  • You will be considered over others for the jobs you are applying because of being able to write an outstanding CV.
  • If you know how to write a CV, you can easily modify your existing CV and apply for as many jobs as you want.
  • This training is a course and a certificate will be provided in the end. So yes, it will be a good addition of an extra certificate on your wall and your CV, which means you can feel better about yourself, and impress your relatives and friends and encourage others to follow your path to success.
  • When the job employers see your outstanding CV, they will remember you for a long time, this means when it’s the time for promotions, you will be the one they will look up to.
  • Any extra course on your CV gives you more confidence, just because of knowing more than many of your peers, which means you can feel better about yourself, and help yourself and others grow personally and professionally.
  • Taking any extra course improves your self-esteem and you will feel great about your own-self, which means you will be able to walk, talk, write, and speak with confidence. This has an overall unimaginable impact on your life.
  • With this course you will get the Life-long access to the video recording and course material.
  • It will make your CV extremely strong.
  • Not many people know about these topics, therefore, it will make you distinct.
  • The program will help you learn the basics of CV writing.
  • If you are currently writing a CV and are stuck about the next step, this program will assist you about the missing links of your CV.







Course Features

  • Lectures: 8
  • Quizzes: 0
  • Duration: 50 hours
  • Skill level: All levels
  • Language: English
  • Students: 928
  • Assessments: Yes
Hassaan Tohid


Dr. Hassaan Tohid MBBS, CCATP, CSOTP is a TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, Neuroscientist, Motivational speaker, Trainer, Certified Life Coach, and a Published author.

He has a career with three domains. An entrepreneur, an academic (neuroscientist, and a teacher), and a clinician (Addiction treatment).

As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology. Where he leads the organization as the CEO. He is a trainer, a coach, and a teacher. His training includes Public Speaking, Research Writing and Research Data Analysis, Business training and coaching, life coaching, and Sales.

An academic he is a Neuroscientist and delivered a TED talk on his specialty Mirror Neurons and Dissociative Identity Disorder at TEDx UCDavissf and TEDxUAlberta. He has published over 40 scientific articles and written 3 books.

A clinician with substance use disorder treatment specialty. Dr. Tohid graduated as a medical doctor and chose mental health and substance use disorder as a domain of his clinical career.

Dr. Tohid has delivered lectures on the subjects of success, motivation, business, sales, and research writing and publishing in different languages to thousands of medical and non-medical students.

$199.00 $49.00
$199.00 $49.00

Course Features

  • Lectures: 8
  • Quizzes: 0
  • Duration: 50 hours
  • Skill level: All levels
  • Language: English
  • Students: 928
  • Assessments: Yes

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