Zig Ziglar rightly said that, “It is not the aptitude but it’s your attitude that decides your altitude in life.”

I have seen so many people waking up early in the morning in a bad mood. They have the bad energy; you can actually feel the negative energy coming out of them. If you ask them they will tell you different reasons, that probably the boss is not a good person, they are not appreciated, they don’t get paid much, and so many other things. The same attitude is quite visible among many of the students as well; they blame their parents, their siblings, their friend, their university, their college, or anything they come across with.

You will also notice, that actually they have a valid point. They do always get into trouble. They have always been in wrong situations and the bad things happen to them all the time. Why does that happen? Why they really suffer?


A man once asked another person, “What kind of people live in this area?” The other person replied,”What kind of people you had in your previous neighborhood? He said “I had bad people”. This person replied, “then you will find bad people here”.

This is very true. If you have a great attitude you will see the world as a nice place. You will notice that the majority of the people around the world are nice people. The world is a great place to live. But if you have a bad attitude, you will see the whole world as a bad place to live and you will think most people are bad.

What is the attitude anyways? “The attitude is the feeling about someone or something, that is visible in our behavior.” If we feel other people are bad, our behavior will be bad too and we will be frustrated, angry and upset. We think the other person has a problem thats is why we are upset. In reality the problem is somewhere else,m; it is inside us. If we see most of the world as negative, then it means we actually have a serious attitude problem. If we see the world as a positive place, then we have a good attitude. It is that simple.

Just ask yourself this question, “Are most people in this world nice? Are most people helpful, are most people in this world good?” If your answer is No, then you have an attitude problem. If you think that most people are nice, then actually you are a nice person; you have a good attitude. Observe how do people respond when you suddenly enter a room filled with people? Do they respond nicely? Or they respond to you in a negative manner? This is enough to tell what your attitude is.

It is also possible that people really misbehave with you, and they don’t help you; they don’t like you. Now the problem probably is not with them, the problem is probably with you. You had been showing negative attitude, and people are just responding to your attitude. If you have a bad attitude, you will notice people as bad too, because highly likely they are responding to your attitude. Just change your attitude, start feeling good about people, and you will notice a whole new world. People will be nicer to you, people will almost always respond to your attitude.

I want you to work on your attitude. If you have been into arguments and fights, have damaged relationships, have damaged professional life, and have all sorts of wrong things happening to you. Then I want you to change your attitude to positive and your whole life will change.

Now the question is, how do you change your attitude. The chronic attitude problem is not easy to change, so learn about positive attitude, just type of google and do research what is positive attitude. Watch videos on positive attitude on YouTube; and last of all, spend time with the most positive person you know.

Who do you think is the most positive person you know? Who is the person who is happy most of the time? Who is the person who is nice most of the time? We all know such a person in our lives. Go and spend time with that person and learn from him. The more time you spend with positive people the faster your attitude and the way you look at the life will change. Attend inspirational and motivational seminars, watch motivational and inspiring videos. Read books on positive attitude. Learn to know about your bad thinking habits and change them. Turn your thinking from negative to positive, from pessimistic to optimistic. It is a life long process, because there is negativity around us too, there are negative people around us all the time. Therefore, you need conscious effort to change your attitude to positive. You need to guard your thoughts and attitude all the time by staying away from negative people as much as you can and spending as much time as possible with positive people. If someone has a negative attitude and he is your friend then you need new friends. But if a negative person is your relative, then you of course cannot easily leave that person (although I suggest you do), so remember, you can choose to spend your time with whoever you like. You are not bound to spend time with a negative relative. You can choose to spend time with whoever you like. Spend less and less time with the negative relative; may be just say hi or hello, thats it or not see them at all. There are eight billion people in this world. You can find nice people if you are serious about it. Remember, the life is very short, we will all die sooner than you think. Don’t waste your life spending time with negative people.


Spend time with positive people and learn the positive mental attitude. Adopt the positive attitude and your whole life will change.

Dr. Hassaan Tohid

Hassaan Tohid


Dr. Hassaan Tohid MBBS, CCATP, CSOTP is a TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, Neuroscientist, Motivational speaker, Trainer, Certified Life Coach, and a Published author.

He has a career with three domains. An entrepreneur, an academic (neuroscientist, and a teacher), and a clinician (Addiction treatment).

As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology. Where he leads the organization as the CEO. He is a trainer, a coach, and a teacher. His training includes Public Speaking, Research Writing and Research Data Analysis, Business training and coaching, life coaching, and Sales.

An academic he is a Neuroscientist and delivered a TED talk on his specialty Mirror Neurons and Dissociative Identity Disorder at TEDx UCDavissf and TEDxUAlberta. He has published over 40 scientific articles and written 3 books.

A clinician with substance use disorder treatment specialty. Dr. Tohid graduated as a medical doctor and chose mental health and substance use disorder as a domain of his clinical career.

Dr. Tohid has delivered lectures on the subjects of success, motivation, business, sales, and research writing and publishing in different languages to thousands of medical and non-medical students.

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