3 Month Meta-Analysis Program (Hands-On Writing and Publishing) – Tier 3


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  • What is Meta-Analysis?
  • Why Meta-Analysis?
  • Difference between Meta-Analysis and different kinds of study designs
  • Meta-Analysis vs Systematic Review
  • How much statistics is needed in a Systematic Review?
  • Are there any non-statistical type of Systematic Reviews?
  • How much statistics is needed in Meta-Analysis?
  • Structure of your research paper
  • How to select a research topic?
  • How to collect the Data for your Meta-Analysis?
  • Advanced Search Strategy for Mete-Analysis
  • Electronic Databases – PubMed, Medline, Web of Science etc
  • What is Quality Appraisal? And how to do it?
  • Manual ways of Quality Appraisal and by using tools
  • Reference Managers such as EndNote and Mendeley
  • Data Extraction
  • Organize your Data
  • Synthesis of Data
  • How to Write the Introduction section of a Meta-Analysis
  • How to write the Method Section of a Meta-Analysis
  • How to write the Results section of a Meta-Analysis
  • Review Manager (RevMan) and how to use it
  • Statistics needed for Meta-Analysis in detail
  • How to write the Discussion section
  • How to write the Conclusion section
  • How to insert references electronically and manually
  • How to draw tables and figures for your paper
  • How to select a good and suitable journal
  • How to publish in a good reputable journal.


This is a three months program and is actually an extension of the Be a Published Author Program which is a two month program.

In this program you will get the similar features of the Be a Published Author Program. The only difference is that your first author paper will be a Meta-Analysis and you will stay one month longer in the training than other classmates who usually are the students of Be a Published Author Program and learn Review Manager Software and Statistics for Meta-Analysis.

In this course you should get:

  • One Meta-Analysis paper as the first author
  • Multiple research papers (one paper as second author, third author and so forth)- non-meta-analysis or Meta-Analysis depending upon who your classmates are.
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Reference by Cibnp
  • One year Free Consultation and Coaching on career success
  • The two years affiliation with CiBNP
  • The Hands-On Research Writing training
  • The Publishing Training
  • The Independence of paper writing and publishing (you will be able to write and publish papers on your own in the future without our help).


The benefits of the program are tremendous. Which include

  • A life time achievement of being a published author. Being known as a “published author” is a prestige and honor which not everyone has. “Your Name” The published author looks nice. Sounds nice as well.
  • More job interviews, because every employer prefers people with publications to be interviewed. And imagine, if you have a Meta-Analysis on your CV, how would the employers perceive you? They will see you differently, which actually means you will not have problem in the future in finding more jobs and switching jobs if needed.
  • Having a Meta-Analysis published is one of the greatest achievements of a scientist career. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that it is a dream of every scientist to learn to write and publish a Meta-Analysis once in a life time. By publishing Meta-Analysis you will become distinct and probably one of the few scientists who have Meta-Analysis published, which means you can be proud of your achievements and can show it to your prospective employers.
  • More opportunities will come towards you because every laboratory, or university is looking for scientists with skills of meta-analysis. Just by having Meta-Analysis you are seen and perceived differently like an expert.
  • You will be preferred over others wherever you go because of the perception your Meta-Analysis creates as an expert.
  • Increase chances of residency in the US because only 1 in 3 residency candidates who match has publications. Now just think and answer, how many of these candidates have Meta-Analysis or Systematic Reviews published? Very very very few….. right? Once you have this publication, you will be one of the top most candidates applying for the US residency.
  • Increase chances of fellowship
  • And so many uncountable benefits.
  • Increase chances of residency in California. Of course getting residency in California is tough, but if you apply with most advanced type of publications your CV, what do you think your chances will be? Of course your chances will go up tremendously
  • Meta-Analysis also comes with more respect in life and career. Why is it so? Because you are perceived as an expert once you have a meta-Analysis published.
  • Chances to be hired as lecturer/assistant professor/associate professor/full professor. Whenever, the positions of assistant/associate/ or full professor are posted, they prefer candidates with more and more high quality publications. Meta-Analysis is immediately perceived as the advance design, so you can imagine what your future chances of success be like?
  • Increased chances to be hired as a scientist/Assistant Researcher/Associate Researcher/Research Fellow. The same goes for the scientists jobs- Meta-Analysis will be looked at differently and you will be considered for the positions.
  • Having a Meta-Analysis not only open doors for you as a clinician but opens more doors for you in the university, pharmaceutical, and corporate industry. You can just ask any employer and hand them 2 CVs. One with a Meta-Analysis published, other without it. Then ask them to invite only one for the interview- you will see majority will call the candidate with Meta-Analysis for interview because of immediate impression of being an expert in the field.
  • More confidence and self-esteem after completing a research paper with your own hands and doing Meta-Analysis on a real project.
  • Becoming a published author with Meta-Analysis is an outstanding achievement and it will be a remarkable career feet that you can accomplish. Which means you can now show your capabilities and skills of not just writing, but doing a Meta-Analysis
  • More feeling of success- once you feel success only then you can know what success is really all about. Success is a feeling which is actually a kind of healthy addiction. Once you are on a journey of success, you want to repeat the process to get the same feeling again and again. Once you learn Meta-Analysis and writing a manuscript, you surely will feel that feeling that is priceless.
  • More guidance and clarity about the future. During the training you will learn more aspects of career success that will enable you to deal with the career related issues.
  • Life long friends in the form of dedicated classmates. Yes, you will be added to a group with other enrolled students and you all help each other and work with each other as a team. This gives you an opportunity for professional networking in the form of your classmates.
  • A certificate to hang on your wall and to put on your CV. The certificate will not just serve as a benchmark for future career success but it will remind you of your effort that you put in to learn one of the most popular and advanced kinds of study design i.e. Meta-Analysis.
  • More chances of learning because of long term affiliation with the institute- which means now you can seek help about your other projects and can learn more and more.
  • Learning a challenging skill also grows you mentally and you will feel you have become something that you were not before which actually means the start of a new life.

Of course there are many other benefits that are associated with this course and its completion. You can now enroll and start the process of writing and publishing your Meta-Analysis and be a published author of a Meta-Analysis.

Course Features

  • Lectures: 178
  • Quizzes: 0
  • Skill level: All level
  • Language: English
  • Students: 1
  • Assessments: Yes
Hassaan Tohid


Dr. Hassaan Tohid MBBS, CCATP, CSOTP is a TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, Neuroscientist, Motivational speaker, Trainer, Certified Life Coach, and a Published author.

He has a career with three domains. An entrepreneur, an academic (neuroscientist, and a teacher), and a clinician (Addiction treatment).

As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology. Where he leads the organization as the CEO. He is a trainer, a coach, and a teacher. His training includes Public Speaking, Research Writing and Research Data Analysis, Business training and coaching, life coaching, and Sales.

An academic he is a Neuroscientist and delivered a TED talk on his specialty Mirror Neurons and Dissociative Identity Disorder at TEDx UCDavissf and TEDxUAlberta. He has published over 40 scientific articles and written 3 books.

A clinician with substance use disorder treatment specialty. Dr. Tohid graduated as a medical doctor and chose mental health and substance use disorder as a domain of his clinical career.

Dr. Tohid has delivered lectures on the subjects of success, motivation, business, sales, and research writing and publishing in different languages to thousands of medical and non-medical students.


Course Features

  • Lectures: 178
  • Quizzes: 0
  • Skill level: All level
  • Language: English
  • Students: 1
  • Assessments: Yes