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Online Research Training

CiBNP LLC is a for profit , research, education and training center . IMG research training is one of the services CiBNP provides.
Most faculty members are renowned Professors & Scientists.
Training is all year long – you can start immediately. Classes/ training start at the first week of every month.
Yes. Fee for the training is 799 USD for the whole training including a paper LoR, certificate and bonus features.
2 Months training (one or two classes a week).
There is one tier for the Research program. The package includes one paper writing and publication with training and one LoR, certificate , life long reference and bonus features.
Yes, you can join the first session for free without paying any fee and can decide if you want to continue or not . If you decide to continue , then you will be required to pay the fee.
The online Research training program is a research training program for beginners. The trainees will learn to write research papers. Learn basic concepts of research. Complete their research project with a completion of the paper.
No- clinical trials can not be done online.
The CiBNP trains its trainees to write mini- reviews, comprehensive reviews, systematic reviews etc
The new policy of the CiBNP LLC Research program states that after completion of your paper, you will send your papers for publication on your own. We want our trainees to learn the whole process of academic writing including the publication. Therefore, we want our students to submit their papers on their own. To the journals of their own choices.
No- its a program for the trainees who have absolutely no idea about writing papers and basic concepts of Research.
The benefits of the program are tremendous. Which include:

1- A life time achievement of being a published author. Being known as a "published author" is a prestige and honor which not everyone has. Imagine "your full name" The published author.... it looks nice. Sounds nice as well

2- More job interviews

3- More opportunities

4- You will be preferred over others wherever you go.

5- Increase chances of clinical residency in the US

6- Increase chances of clinical fellowship And so many uncountable benefits

7- Increase chances of clinical residency in California

8- More respect in life and career

9- Chances to be hired ad professor in the future

10- Chances to be hired as a scientist in the future
CiBNP has a zero tolerance for plagiarism. We take strict action against any kind of plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected in a student’s project by any journal, a strict disciplinary action will be taken, which may be from reprimanding to the termination of all kinds of relationships with the student.
Yes, we have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
We accept all modes of payments Credit card, Debit card, PayPal, Western Union, cashier's check, or payment through telephone with your Debit/Credit Card.

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