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Now, you can publish your articles at a faster rate with CIBNP!

CIBNP and The Cureus Journal of Medical Science are now working together to make research publications hassle-free.

Through CIBNP’s channel at the Cureus, you can now publish your research papers for quick peer-reviewed publications in PubMed, PubMed Central and Web of Science.

Limited rapid publication slots are available and will be filled over first come first serve basis. Each paid article will be provided with editing services (grammar check, spell check and plagiarism check) with no additional cost per article. Students must agree to the CIBNP channel’s policy and procedure before purchasing any article slot. The rules for submitting article in the channel are as per the following:


Rules for publishing through the California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology's Academic Channel with the Cureus Journal of Medical Science.

• The price per article will be told to you during the enrollment process.

• Each student submitting the article is required to create an account over the Cureus Journal's website and submit the article on the Cureus website through the California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology's (CiBNP's) Channel on the website. CiBNP is not responsible for submitting any student's article on his/her behalf.

• The total number of authors for a Review, Case Report, Editorial should not exceed more than five authors. However, for an original article, the number of authors can exceed more than five authors per article.

• All the authors, including the first author and co-authors of any article, publishing through CiBNP's channel should be enrolled students at the CiBNP's 'BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR, TWO-MONTH PROGRAM'. No other colleagues, co-workers, teachers, assistants will be allowed to publish through CIBNP's channel.

• Any article not started and ended with CIBNP (any previously written articles without CIBNP's supervision and guidelines) will not qualify for publication through the CIBNP's Channel at Cureus even if the student intends to pay the full amount required by the channel.

• The total number of references in an article must not exceed the limit of 50 references for a Review, 20 references for a Case Report, 30 references for an Original Article, 20 references for a Technical Report, and five references for any Editorials.

• The submitting author has to provide with at least five different reviewers for peer-reviewing the article. CiBNP is not responsible for providing reviewers for the articles

Authors submitting through CIBNP's channel should only mention 'California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology' as their academic affiliation on their research. Any other affiliations found will result in a deferred article.

• ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PLAGIARISM! If the article is found to be plagiarized by any extent, CIBNP holds the right to ban the student from the institute, and also to confiscate the channel fee.

• Any scientific fraud, including but not limited to plagiarism, false data provision, any falsification, fabrication, violation of the HIPAA compliance, Photo/Figure manipulation, Ghostwriting, Self-Plagiarism will result in an automatic permanent ban from the institute with no refunds offered


Question 1:

I wrote an article during my two month research training program, however, I cannot afford the Channel 279USD fee per article, can I bypass the channel and publish the article in the Cureus medical journal as a non-channel article?

•Any article that a student wrote with the CiBNP during the two month training, cannot be published in the Cureus journal without the CiBNP-Cureus channel.

Question 2:

I am an ex-student and I have written a new article on my own and now want to publish in Cureus on my own without the channel. Can I do that? Or I have to still choose the Channel?

• All the future articles that you write afterwards can be published without the channel because they are the students’ independent articles. But the students are most welcome to submit their future articles via the channel to enhance the speed and chances of publication.

Question 3:

If I write an article and submit to the journal without going through the channel, what are the consequences?

• Cureus and CiBNP are working together to help the students becoming published authors, therefore, the Cureus journal knows which article was written under the CiBNP affiliation. Therefore, any student deliberately trying to bypass the channel could be permanently banned by both organizations. This means the student cannot publish in Cureus ever and you cannot join any other CiBNP course in the future and the certificate for the two month training will be confiscated.