California institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology now invites you to publish

Your scientific blogs on its official website with no cost at all.

Following are the requirements that your blog must meet in order to qualify for the ‘Blogger of the
month” at CIBNP.

  • The topic you select should be related to science only, preferably medical science.
  • You must mention your Full name at the top of your first page.
  • Your blog should not exceed 1200 words, and 3 images per blog (your image should not be too
    large or too small for publishing).
  • You should make sure to the best of your knowledge and ability that there not grammatical and
    spellings errors in your blog
  • You can use Royalty Free Images for your blog, or the images that you’ve personally
    designed/captured for this purpose and the images that are under your ownership. If your
    images are not royalty free and have copyright issues, your blog will not be published, if it has
    already been published, we will take it down immediately and will not allow you to post in the
  • No part of your blog should be copied from any other website or blog over the internet.
    Plagiarism will be strictly not allowed and will result in permanent ban from CIBNP blogs.
  • Your blog should use proper and formal English language with no slang words or foul language.
    The language and tone of your blog should always be ethical.
  • You must provide your blog in MS WORD document format with no protection lock. CIBNP will
    edit your blog according to its standards and will be removing the parts that are unacceptable
    and changing the language and words that are not acceptable. No PDFs will be accepted.
  • CIBNP reserves the right to reject any blog or take any previously published blog down without
    any notification.
  • We will change the font and font size of your content according to our website design.
  • The blog you publish at our website at will not remain publishable anywhere
    You cannot send a previously published article to CIBNP. And once your blog is published
    with us, you will not be able to send the same content to any other platform.

NOTE: Only one blog that qualifies will be published per month at no cost at CIBNP. Please, do not email
repetitively to find out the updates about your blog, you will receive an email from CIBNP if your blog is
being considered or when it is not the correct publishable material.

If you can meet all of the above requirements and come up with a piece of literature, then please send
us your blogs at and we will start working on your blog right away!