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PRISMA Flow Diagram 2020.edited

July 28, 2022

Understanding PRISMA Flow Diagram 2020 When writing a systematic review and meta-analysis, there must be a checklist- Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) checklist. The PRISMA checklist/statement is available for free on google. The PRISMA statement was published …


June 25, 2022

How to avoid plagiarism Plagiarism is copy-pasting someone else’s work. You get ideas and concepts from other people’s work when writing a paper. So, make sure to rewrite the paper in your own words and always provide references. If your …


June 25, 2022

Beginners guide to literature review Also referred to as a traditional or narrative review, a literature review is a study design or process of collecting data from published articles on a particular topic or research question. This kind of paper …