Under the great leadership of internationally recognized scientists and faculty member,the department of psychology provides educational and research services.

Our Vision

The Department believes in success and excellence. The focus is to teach the students

and fellow researchers about different aspects of behavioral health through scientific research, training, education and service.

Our Mission

The mission inclines with the mission of Neuro-Cal, “Education for all”.

Message from the Chairman

We believe in quality education and prosperity. Our faculty comprising of the leading teachers, faculty members and scientists, who are fully trained to teach the students from all walks of life, are dedicated and determined to serve the students, here at Neuro-Cal CIBNP.

The mission of the Department includes, teaching and the training of the students interested in psychology, from all parts of the world and provide them with a certificate of competition of the course, once they complete the course and successfully pass the exam at the end of each course. The aim of this certificate is to build confidence among the students and provide an opportunity to show their achievements to their prospect employers by adding the certificates on their CVs / resumes.

Our department conducts research in various Psychological condition, human behavior and numerous Psychiatric disorders like Major Depression and Schizophrenia. Moreover, the department provides online and on-campus research training and experience for the students looking for research experience in psychology or psychiatry. This research training is very helpful for the students applying in the Clinical Psychology Residency or Psychiatry Residency.

Thus, I welcome you to our department of Psychology at the Neuro-Cal Institute (CIBNP).

Dr. Hassaan Tohid

Professor of Neurosciences

Professor of Psychology & Personal Development

California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences LLC

And Psychology (the Neuro-Cal Institute)

Department of Neuroscience



Address: 4751 Mengels Blvd,

Fairfield, California, 94534