Dr. Jihan A.Mostafa

Faculty Member

Dr. Jihan A.Mostafa

Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

M.D., Ph.D., M.Sc. (N&P), Dip. I.A.B.M.C.P.,Dip.CBT

Dr. Jihan had her consultant Psychiatrist license from both the medical syndicate of Egypt(2009) and from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in KSA (2018). And certified as a professional Psychotherapist with diplomate status by international Academy of Behavior medicine, counseling and Psychotherapy (IABMCP) in the USA (2010), and as a Cognitive Psychotherapist by the Egyptian Association of Cognitive therapy (EACBT) in Egypt (2018). Dr. Jihan has an International Societies Membership of WPA in Geneva, IABMCP In the USA, IEPA in Australia, SCHS in  KSA and EMS, EPA & EACBT in Egypt. Dr. Jihan started her Carrier after gaining her Balchorial degree in medicine and surgery from Ain Shams Unversity (ASU) in Egypt (1999). First, she was a house officer for one year, then resident for 3 years in the Neuropsychiatric department, ASU. During this period of time, she published her book on the ASU website in as the first author for the fulfillment of M.Sc degree in psychiatry in 2004. Then Dr. Jihan joined the medical team in Psychiatric Health resort, Prof Ahmed Okasha in Egypt as a specialist in Psychiatry.  After three years, she published her research as the first author on the ASU website, for the fulfillment of M.D and Ph.D. in psychiatry (2007) And upgrade her position in the same hospital to Consultant Psychiatrist for another 11 years. Then In 2018, she moved to KSA to join a job as a consultant psychiatrist there for one year. Currently, Dr. Jihan is an external Psychiatrist consultant for many hospitals and manager of her Private psychiatric clinic in Egypt. And has co-authorship in many papers.

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