” The Journal of MENA Sciences is open access, and peer-reviewed monthly international journal online, print on demand,  addresses issues of multidisciplinary research that are meaningful to disseminate knowledge all over the world, it includes issues of Medicine/Health (Nursing, Pharmaceutics, Laboratory and Radiology…Etc.), Biology/ Life sciences, Social sciences/Psychology, Art/Literature/Languages, History/ Archeology, Earth/ Environment, Energy/ Power, Computer/ Information Technology, Materials, Mathematics/Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Education, Food/Nutrition, Business/ Economy/ Management, Engineering/Technology, and Sports. ”

Indexing: EBSCOhost Database; J-Gate; Open Academic Journals Index; Academic Resource Index; Google Scholar; Research Gate Database; Africa Medical Journals; ALMANHAL Database; Scientific Indexing Services.



Publication cost would be as:

  • $100 for upto 3000 words article (CIBNP fee is included in this $100)
  • $175 for 3001-6000 words article (CIBNP fee is included in this $175)

Editing services charges are separate, and are as follows:

  • $45 for a manuscript of 4-8 pages
  • $70 for a manuscript of 9-13 pages

The corresponding person for this journal will be Dr. Syeda Sidra Hasnain.

The student will send the final draft of the article at

Students will not have to do the edits for the manuscript as the Editing Services mentioned above will take care of it.

Editing does not include APA style conversion (a student will have to format their paper to APA style before they email it to the CIBNP).

The total charges (publication fee + editing services charges) will be sent to Dr. Syeda Sidra Hasnain by the journal’s editor in chief once it is edited and is ready for publication.

CIBNP will send the student the update, and invoice for the payment.



Manuscript Preparation:

Every manuscript is recommended to incorporate the accompanying parts, however, the author/s can do their own particular manners:

  1. Title page: including article title; author’s full name; institution(s) for each author is affiliated, with the city, and country, and e-mail address for all correspondence.
  2. Abstract: including Background, Aims, Methods, Findings, and Conclusions
  3. Keywords
  4. Introduction
  5. Materials and Methods
  6. Results
  7. Discussion
  8. Acknowledgements
  9. References (APA style only)



When submitting manuscript(s) to the journal, you agree the following: All the authors have contributed adequately and agree on responsibility for the contents of the article(s). There is no plagiarism or any other problems. The author(s) are fully responsible for the contents of the paper(s) and the author(s) are fully responsible for any plagiarism or other problems of the paper(s). The manuscript (s) is (are) not published anywhere.

  1. Copyright and Responsibility of Authors to their Articles

Both the journal and authors accepted that the journal and author(s) have the same right for the copyright of the article(s), i.e. either of the journal or author(s) can utilize it by anyway without noting the other party.