Pesonal Development

The California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology LLC (the Neuro-Cal Institute), is one of the few educational institutes that teach personal development purely as an academic discipline.

Considering the excessive growth of the personal development industry, the Department has various academic endeavors, like undergraduate teaching, graduate teaching and training, professional training, basic scientific research, applied research, faculty development, and consultation service.  The department has a world renowned faculty to teach various aspects of personal development like success, motivation, focus, goal setting etc. The world renowned sportsman and a world record holder in the sports cricket, Little Master Hanif Mohammad known for his focus and concentration throughout the world , serves as an honorary professor at the department of Personal Development to teach the students about focus, determination and concentration. Renowned speakers like Prof. Qasim Ali Shah and Dr. Hassaan Tohid also teach at the department and serve the students with their expertise. Sportsman Shoaib Mohammad also serves as an honorary professor at the department of Personal Development to help the students learn about success, focus, dedication and determination

Educational Services

The department offers certificate courses on some of the following courses, Motivation, Success, Time-management, business development, Management , leadership, business management, business administration, financial growth, personal development, health, weight loss, relationship success, career counseling, career development and professional growth etc.

Consultation Services

In addition to education services, the department provides consultation services that are offered to businesses, individuals and organizations to help them grow financially.

The same subject areas are covered by the department faculty in their consultation services that is provided in the educational services. To provide consultation services the department provides the services of the renowned speaker, consultant and scientist Dr. Hassaan Tohid and Arsalan Iqbal.

Services for American & International Medical Graduates

The department provides research experience, training and courses for the foreign medical graduates or the US medical graduates seeking residency in the United States. The faculty provides an exceptional research experience, where the students choose their own topic of research, under the supervision of an experienced scientist, and learn to write and publish their own research papers.

The Vision

The Department believes in life and career success and transformation.

The Mission

The mission inclines with the mission of Neuro-Cal, “Education for all”.


California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences LLC

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Department of Personal Development



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