Publish your research paper through the CiBNP-Cureus Channel



Now, you can publish your articles at a faster rate with CIBNP!

CIBNP and The Cureus Journal of Medical Science are now working together to make research publications hassle-free.

Through CIBNP’s channel at the Cureus, you can now publish your research papers for quick peer-reviewed publications in PubMed index, PubMed Central and Web of Science.

Limited rapid publication slots are available and will be filled over first come first serve basis. Each paid article will be provided with editing services (grammar check, spell check and plagiarism check) with no additional cost per article. Students must agree to the CIBNP channel’s policy and procedure before purchasing any article slot.

Authorship Agreement

I further agree that if I buy the CiBNP-Cureus Channel.

•Any article that I will will write with the CiBNP during the two month training, cannot be published in the Cureus journal without the CiBNP-Cureus channel.

• All the future articles that I write afterwards can be published without the channel because they are the my independent articles. But the I am welcome to submit my future articles via the channel to enhance the speed and chances of publication.

• Cureus and CiBNP are working together to help the students becoming published authors, therefore, the Cureus journal knows which article was written under the CiBNP affiliation. Therefore, If I deliberately try to bypass the channel I could be permanently banned by both organizations. This means that I cannot publish in Cureus ever and I cannot join any other CiBNP course in the future and the certificate for the two month training will be confiscated.