Ian H. Rutkofsky, MD

Faculty Member

Ian H. Rutkofsky, MD has long had an interest in Human Behavior, Heath, and Wellness. He graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) with a Bachelors in Behavioral and Brain Science and Social Issues. There he was involved in a number of research projects with the psychology department where he studied EEG responses to various stimuli. Upon graduation, his natural inclination to pursue medicine developed and he entered into a post-baccalaureate premedical science program where he completed the program with honors. His career in medicine first began at the International American University, College of Medicine in Saint, Lucia. On the island of Saint Lucia, he volunteered in community clinics and screened and treated underserved patients. He then conducted his clinical clerkship in Atlanta, GA at Emory University Hospital, Wellstar Medical Centers and Delkalb Medical Center and in Norman, OK at Griffin Memorial Hospital. After completion of medical school, Dr. Rutkofsky was accepted to an internship in Integrative Medicine at the University Of Arizona School of Medicine in Tucson, AZ where he trained under celebrity physician and guru, Dr. Andrew Weil, MD. Following his passion for Wellness, Dr. Rutkofsky spent the next two years designing and implementing Integrative Medicine modalities into an Interpersonal Therapy Model as a Wellness Specialist at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington in Washington, DC. As of the 2018-2019 year, Dr. Rutkofsky serves as a resident physician and the Graduate Medical Education Representative at a US ACGME accredited Transitional Year residency program at a Mercer University hospital in Macon, GA. He also serves on the Wellness committee at Coliseum Medical Centers and has been involved in many academic research projects there. He has published numerous manuscripts in a number of journals including The Oxford University Press and Advances in Mind-Body Medicine.

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