The Department of Neuroscience is technically the first department established by the California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences & Psychology LLC (The Neuro-Cal Institute). The department, is led by a remarkable team of world renowned neuroscientists and professors, with a focus mainly of Behavioral Neurosciences, Neurology and Neuroanatomy. The department offers multiple courses, related to the field of Behavioral Neurosciences. The faculty members are a distinguished group of scientists, who are extremely enthusiastic in teaching and serving the students planning to choose Neuroscience related career. The faculty conducts research on different aspects of neurosciences, including behavioral neuroscience and neurology. The department led by Professor Dr. Hassaan Tohid, who is an internationally recognized neuroscientist from the University of California, Davis and the Center for Applied Social Neurosciences (CASN), Japan. Dr. Tohid is also a renowned speaker and also the editor in chief for around five scientific peer reviewed journals. Moreover, Dr. Tohid also serves as an editorial board member for around 80 scientific peer reviewed journals. He brings his experience, passion and dedication to the department and the institute as a whole. With Dr. Tohid, the curriculum revision committee includes Dr. Idrees, who has also teamed up with Dr. Tohid in the past, on various Neuroscience related projects. This enthusiastic and hardworking faculty team is determined to serve the students, by providing a high quality education. Other core faculty members also include researchers from the prestigious institutions like the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Napa State Hospital.

The department plans to launch diplomas and specialization certificates, along with the routine certificate courses provided online and on-campus. The department aims to serve the students enrolled to the best way possible, and transform their lives and careers and make them a better individual for the society once they complete their education from the Neuro-Cal Department of Neurosciences.

California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences LLC

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Department of Neuroscience


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